Biking is the best Method of Tourism

After my recently finished Tour Leipzig->Dresden->Prague->Brno->Vienna->Linz->Passau i want to share some thoughts about different Travelling Techniques that are common. Already having made some trips in my life, including hitchhiking, airplane and hiking,  i came to the Conclusion that Bike Travelling is the best method of all possible variations.

I want to collect some Pro´s and Con´s of Bike Tourism:


  • You are bound to your bike the whole Tour. That´s not so flexible. Having all the luggage on your carrier makes it difficult to, let´s say, visit this Museum or this Disco that you are coming along spontaneously. Actually there are techniques to overcome this problem, like hiding your stuff in a forest (using a tarp makes the stuff look like garbage, i also always add a note "this is worthless travellers stuff, please keep it here"), but there is always a small risk of losing all your stuff. You can also keep your stuff in locker boxes in most Train Stations, but its cost intensive. Or you store your stuff temporary at people you meet´s places.
  • Your ass hurts when cycling the whole day !
  • Accidents are a little bit more likely than walking around with a backpack - wear a Helmet !


  • All the weight of your luggage is being carried by the wheels of your bike, not your back.
  • You see the countryside, not only the bigger or small cities. I mean, the real countryside. Even when hitchhiking you do not get to the real heart of the countries you are visiting.
  • The travelling speed is not too fast and not too slow. Biking at 20 km/h in average is the perfect Speed to get you in the freedom mood.
  • Even inside the big cities your bike is an advantage. Some tourists are lending bikes to do sightseeing; you can just use the bike you are used to!
  • You stay fit and healthy.
  • Destinations and Goals can be changed at every time ! 
  • In an emergency case you can take your bike with in the train and even in most buses (most, not all MeinFernbus/Flixbux buses do have bike carriers at the back)
  • You meet other bike travellers! Most of the people you meet will go in the other direction, but sometimes you meet people going the same way, like on junctions or ferries.

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